Marie Kirkland
Marie Kirkland
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The Living Aligned Living Forward Podcast with Marie Kirkland

The Living Aligned Living Forward podcast is an invitation to lean into our lives as we answer the question, how do we live aligned and live forward while doing our meaningful work in the world and supporting others to do the same. Marie Kirkland and her guests share stories, gifts, practices, and lessons that have propelled them forward. Our show is an intimate conversation covering many perspectives.  Guest include spiritual leaders, thought leaders, creatives, authors, coaches and more.

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Podcast Reviews

I am truly amazed by the quality and content that I have received from Living Aligned Living Forward! I am someone that loves to learn new things and I enjoy learning about the journeys of powerful people. Listening to this podcast empowers me and brings positivity to my life. There is a sense of calmness that I feel each time I tune in. I cannot wait for future episodes.
— Kiara K.
I enjoyed her podcasts and the professionalism of her podcast. I particularly like the outlines, episode titles, and content that feeds the spirits of others. Way to teach us how to love spiritually aligned.
— Phyllis W.
I am so grateful to have been one of Rev. Marie’s guest on the Living Aligned Living Forward podcast. The format she uses is very comfortable. It is as if the listeners are listening to our personal conversations. Our conversations start by checking in and the next thing you know, we’re having aha spiritual conversations.

If you have not listened to any of the Living Aligned Living Forward episodes yet, please do so. Marie’s guest are amazing. They provide insights, tools, and experiences that support the listeners to live aligned and move forward in their lives.
— Rev. Deb Hammond/ Episode 008 - The Timeless Journey