009 - Building Bridges and Living a Green Light Life with Tracy Brown


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Based in Dallas, Texas, Tracy  is the author of “I Turn To Prayer,” a collection of original prayers in different formats and "Mine to Do: Responding to Race-Based Hatred and Violence." She is well known for the way she integrates spiritual principles and values into responses to the toughest secular challenges like organizational leadership and workplace equity. Tracy is a Licensed Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living and is the current Chair of that organization’s governing body, The Leadership Council.


Conversation Topics:

  • 2:46 - A common thread in my life… being a bridge builder across differences that stop other people.

  • 9:13 - Courageous moments

  • 12:08 - Pivotal points of leadership: creating a life I love and asking where can I serve.  

  • 16:22 - Life philosophy: You always have a choice.

  • 19:53 - I live a green light life.

  • 24:10 - Owning my voice.

  • 30:04 - Inclusion for organizations based on their mission and values.

  • 32:54 - We always move into alignment into what we have prioritized as important.

  • 33:34 - Three things about inclusivity and diversity. Divine design, work in harmony and we can all make a difference.

  • 35:37 - Ask yourself, "What is mine to do and then take action?" 


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Tracy Brown

"My life philosophy is you always have a choice.”

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